Our consistent focus on making a transaction a vehicle through which our clients achieve their corporate and personal objectives is a differentiator of our practice.  We view creating or re-creating the vision for our clients’ companies as a critical part of each engagement.  Our non-linear, “Future. Present. Past.” approach to defining our clients’ products, services and market positioning sets the table for our dialogue with prospective buyers and investors.  At VCA, the transaction that follows this unique “Future. Present. Past.” analysis becomes a part of the strategy, as opposed to “closing a deal” being the sole objective of our engagement.


Our advice is built on transparent, two-way communication.  An honest exchange about your objectives in a transaction, and our commitment to meeting those objectives is a foundational element of our practice.  We seek alignment in our relationship with our clients.  We also make creating alignment between our client and their transaction counterparty a top priority in every deal.


Our team has executed over $10 billion in closed deal volume.  We take a very precise and deliberate approach to managing a deal.  We truly believe that running a transaction process effectively creates additional value for our clients.  As such, we work with our clients to ensure the substance of the deal matches the intent of all parties to the transaction.