Mergers & Acquisitions

We specialize in servicing middle-market companies.  We differentiate our practice by finding scaled and/or scalable companies who will have tremendous value to Fortune 1000 strategic acquirers.  Our professionals maintain connectivity to the M&A and corporate development groups at large multi-national companies.  We bring these relationships to bear for middle-market companies, and in doing so are able to maximize value and optimize deal structure for our clients.

Capital Formation

Our professionals are advisors, principals and investors.  We bring each of these perspectives to each capital formation engagement.  Our “Vision” process enables us to co-create with our clients the future of their company.  The “Vision” actually yields the amount of capital needed and creates a subset of investors who will be the most value-added investors for our clients.

Market Assessment

We view the market assessment as a way to help founders and C-level executives make informed choice regarding the type of transaction to pursue, and the timing of that pursuit.  Unlike many other investment banks, we are not motivated to simply “do a deal”.  We created the “market assessment” service as a short-term, entry-level engagement model for companies who want a window into the capital markets specifically for their company.  A typical market assessment engagement lasts from 1-3 months.  The desired outcome is clarity and education for our client, and opportunity for VCA to establish a working relationship with great management teams.